Architectural Guide in Omihachiman City

About this website

We introduce the virtual reality (VR) of historical buildings such as tradesmen's house, old folk houses, and works of W.M.Vories & Company Architects remaining in Omihachiman city, Shiga Prefecture. For buildings that are open to the public, opening dates and access maps is also available on this site.

For more detailed tourist information, please visit the website of the Omihachiman Tourist Association.

Omihachiman city area
Omihachiman city seen from Mt. Hachiman

Our Mission

1. Omihachiman tourism promotion
In Omihachiman City, there are more than 20 buildings designed by W.M.Vories & Company Architects. In recent years, the number of new restaurants and accommodation facilities that have been renovated from townhouses and old private houses has increased.
By providing information on attractive architectural works, this site aims to contribute to the promotion of local tourism and the expansion of recognition of cultural assets.
2. Creating a digital archive of cultural assets
Many historical buildings are not only aging, but also exposed to the risk of natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods. We are proceeding with archiving using digital technology so that it can be used for restoration in the event of a disaster.
We also aim to create a system that allows tourists and researchers to freely view data on the web, thereby achieving both preservation and utilization of cultural properties.